Defining the Digital Future of Industry

Edge and IoT, data analytics, and computer vision give industries an edge on a digital future.


to the
Digital Future

Every Industry needs to be a digital organization, powered by data.

Edge and IoT will fuel the Digital Future by transforming the physical world into data


Smart City


Autonomous Vehicles

Smart Robots




4K + Videos



175 trilion GB

of data by 2025

IoT and edge computing fuel a digital future with data


will use IoT in the next two years


say IoT is critical to their success


of IoT Decision Makers are in adoption



By industry








Government/Smart Cities


Healthcare and Life Sciences



30% ROI in two years

anticipated results inclusive of cost savings and efficiencies


the Industry of
tomorrow – today



A digital reality is built on ever-increasing data



1,5 GB per day


200 TB per game

Autonomous Vehicles

5 TB per day

Smart Sensors

20 B IoT devices

Smart Office

150 GB per day

Smart Home

1 PB per day

Conected factory

1 PB per day

New devices coming online

1 M/hr. by 2020

Why Collab-net IoT:

We are ready to provide your business with integrated solutions in following areas:

  • Process automatization;
  • Process robotization;
  • Process optimization;
  • Process data measurement, transmission and storage;
  • Process data management and analitics.

We help you get an Edge on your Digital Future

Architect for flexibility at scale

Accelerate innovation

Protect your operations

Maintain productivity

Harness the data boom

Capture greater value

Rely on trusted expertise

Move ahead with confidence

We help you make your processes more
effective and predictable

We measure, livestrem analyse data and interprete it to let you react
on time
in following areas:


Production processes

To be more effective and lean

Maintenance Processes

Monitoring and planning

Logistic Processes

Capture greater savings

Infrastructure Supervisory

Optimize the sources

Three ways to put technologies to work for you

Engineered solutions

Use case specific

Integrated, tested and validated from edge to cloud, including partner IP


Tailored engagement

Tailored to your use case

Consistent infrastructure from edge to cloud

Partners for domain expertise


Tailored to a specific OEM

Partner-led (deploy, manage)

Proven domain expertise

Engineered Solution | Computer Vision

Get an edge on safety with integrated, tested, validated solutions for your environment


Reduced time to deployment

Pre-integrated, pre-tested, lab validated to work right, right away

Scalable and fault-tolerant

Automated, fault-tolerant scalability from 100s of cameras to 1000s (300TB to 50PB+)

Task automation

Catalog of common tasks to provide orchestration of common tasks

Built with growth in mind

Open architecture grows and adapts with changing demands

Edge to the data center

Scale reliably across on-premise, cloud or hybrid environments


Capitalize on designed-in security technologies i.e. micro-segmentation IOT and Camera Profiling

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